Property Investment For Beginners: 6 Common Mistakes
    • 5 July 2022

    Property Investment For Beginners: 6 Common Mistakes

    Making mistakes is par for the course with property investment for beginners. While mistakes can help us grow, the team at Property Club works hard to make sure that young investors don’t make any easily avoidable errors.

    Property investment comes with many pitfalls and myths that can lead potential buyers astray. We have listed some of the things to look out for based on our experiences working in the property market.

    1. Lack of research and knowledge There are many things in life that you can figure out on the fly, but property investment is not one of them. When starting out in property investment, new investors will not know where to invest, what they are looking for, and what they need to do to get there, and that's okay.

    New investors need to do the hard work and critical assessment of all the information they take in. Consulting with professionals, doing market research, and examining property trends is a great place to start.

    With 90% of buyers only purchasing one property in their lifetime, it is essential to find the information that will help you to get started in investing so you don’t fall into this majority.

    2. Being easily deterred Everyone from armchair experts to people on the street will have an opinion on property investment; and all of these opinions will conflict with each other. These opinions can often frighten potential investors and deter them from their investment hopes and dreams.

    But this isn’t a reason to put your goals on the back burner. We suggest finding a couple of experts to consult who are successful and started in a similar position. Our team of mentors at Property Club are experts in finding and sharing great information on property investment for beginners.

    3. Not saving consistently There are many different things vying for your hard-earned dollar. Between bills, travel, and everything in between, sticking to savings goals can be difficult. Saving for property investment is a long-term project that requires vigilance and hard work. Creating a savings account that cannot be accessed is a great way to stop the temptation to swipe from it.

    Making realistic savings goals is also a great way to make sure you aren’t in a position where you have to constantly dip into savings. Our team at Property Club believes in a budget that still allows you to enjoy yourself while getting you to your property investor dreams.

    4. Buying out of convenience and emotion It can be tempting as a first-time buyer to purchase a property in your favourite neighbourhood or holiday destination. However more often than not, these locations are not a good investment as buyers will get less for their money. We recommend looking further afield, in less popular neighbourhoods, or even interstate, in order to find a property that will suit you.

    Some people find it difficult to part with their preferred lifestyle and areas, however, it is merely the first step to securing financial independence.

    5. Buying based on price alone A cheap property can often leave potential buyers starstruck and distract them from the reasons as to why it may be so affordable. While a cheaper property is a great way to enter the market, it can often come with a barrage of issues. Beginning property investors should always consider location, growth potential, and market conditions before purchasing a property.

    An extensive property evaluation is also essential in your buying journey. Before purchasing you should know whether your land is at risk of things like flooding, flight paths, and expensive renovations. These things will often lower the value of the property.

    6. Not reviewing your portfolio You may think that as a first-time buyer, there isn’t much that can be done with your property portfolio. However, making sure that all of your info is up to date and fleshed out shows that you are vigilant and committed to purchasing. Property Club works hard to make sure that young people have access to valuable portfolio resources.

    Take the opportunity to talk to your property managers about possible rent increases, and fill out a Financial Wealth Check form to ensure you’re getting the best deals on your loans and insurance.

    Learn more about property investment for beginners Property investment for beginners is no walk in the park but rather requires constant vigilance and hard work. By doing your research and avoiding these pitfalls, you too can be a successful first-time investor.

    The team at Property Club are experienced property professionals and can provide relevant and accessible advice to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to begin your property investment journey.

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