Property Club Book of Tips and Traps

Property Tip #7

Avoid older properties. Buying an old property for a “better” return is often a trap. When comparing an old property to a new one, consider hidden costs that might take you by surprise as well as the additional cost of regular maintenance.

About Property Club

Property Club is a world unique property investing club where investors can accumulate both knowledge and wealth. Guiding members through the pitfalls in property investing, how to select quality investments and learning how to hold them for long term growth is the cornerstone of Property Club’s philosophy.

Property Club - About Us

Every member of the Property Club is matched with an experienced Property Mentor. By utilising the full range of free services, members have access to an unparalleled resource of investment knowledge, advice and support.

The foundations of Property Club rest on four main areas:

  • Property education and events
  • Property research, leasing and management
  • Member support services
  • Property finance and cash flow analysis

Our Property Mentors freely provide their expertise and time to their members. Your Property Mentor is experienced in property investing and has gained a deep understanding of the strategies required for successful investing.

After twenty-seven years of success in helping everyday people increase their wealth, we’ve proven ourselves through a long list of happy investors. In fact, over 5000 members have applied to join our Property Millionaires Club where they can access a higher level of education and further enhance their multi-property portfolios.

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Become financially independent sooner with Property Club

Making the right investment choices can be a minefield of costly traps. It’s no wonder that most property investors only buy one investment property. They stumble into problems and have no guidance on how to overcome or avoid them.

Buying the wrong property in the wrong location, and probably with poor finance and tax structures can make investing costly. Using our free services, it becomes easier to invest in property, tapping into the proven success strategies and support that Property Club offers.

  • Personalised property investment mentoring
  • Current market and economic information
  • Property market forecasts
  • Detailed property cash-flow analysis
  • Insurance recommendations
  • Contact with other Club investors who are happy to share their Club experiences
  • Investor networking and educational opportunities
  • Personal wealth creation plans
  • We hold to account reputable finance brokers
  • Valuation reports and value comparisons
  • Individual property portfolio analysis

Regardless of what stage you’re at with your property investing, our free services will give an advantage.

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Our mission is to help the average Australian learn the property market dynamics and discover the amazing opportunities that exist in real estate.