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Founded in 1994 by Kevin Young, Property Club was started to help Australians on average incomes to fund their retirement through property investing.

Property Club has built its reputation upon the benefit of networking with like-minded individuals and the sharing of property investment strategies so that anyone interested in property investment can access practical advice and support from experienced property investors.

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Our mission is to help the average Australian learn the property market dynamics and discover the amazing opportunities that exist in real estate.

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I would like you to take five minutes to read this article from The Courier Mail newspaper, which ends my nearly 10-year battle with the ABC over their defamatory comments about the Club and me. In essence, we WON.

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Here’s what people are saying!

Nicolas and Frances Smyth
Nicolas and Frances Smyth

A huge congratulations to Nicolas and Frances who are now $50,000 closer to realising their investment dream after winning Property Club ’s massive cash giveaway. These two have already enjoyed success in the Australian investment market after joining the club, and after winning this sizable cash giveaway, they can...read more about Nicolas and Frances Smyth

Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca
Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca

Finding a way into the investment property market can often feel like an obstacle too high to overcome. That was certainly the case for Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca, whose previous experience trying to become property investors was met with nothing but frustration and dead ends. That all changed when they...read more about Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca

Venu Thamotharan
Venu Thamotharan

This is the story of Venu, and how he found success as a property investor after joining Property Club. Starting Out in the Brisbane Property Market Venu moved to Brisbane in 2013 to undertake his Masters in IT before finding work as a software developer. At first, he was not looking into property investments and...read more about Venu Thamotharan

 Fred and Linda Zanette
Fred and Linda Zanette

Fred and Linda Zanette are looking forward to a very comfortable retirement through their successful property investment with the Club. Starting their journey later in life, the couple says the best thing about joining Property Club is they no longer worry about their retirement, like so many Australians who are...read more about Fred and Linda Zanette

Ric Finlay
Ric Finlay

We have a two-bed unit on the third (top) floor of a nice development on the Sunshine Coast, bought through the Club in 2010. The initial rent at that time was $400, which didn't move much in the first five years. The last year's rent has been $470, showing a better increase over the latter period. Last month, with my...read more about Ric Finlay

Nic and Robyn Thiele
Nic and Robyn Thiele

Our investment property journey started some years ago when we decided to move from homeowners to Rent-Vesters. We wanted to continue investing, so we chose to sell our family home and rent instead. We already owned one investment property and had been members of Property Club, so we spoke with Michael over a few...read more about Nic and Robyn Thiele

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Our mission is to help the average Australian learn the property market dynamics and discover the amazing opportunities that exist in real estate.