How the Young Investors Club Can Kickstart Your Investment Portfolio
    • 10 March 2022

    How the Young Investors Club Can Kickstart Your Investment Portfolio

    If you’re a young investor wanting to give your investment portfolio the kickstart it needs, then the Young Investors Club is here to help. This branch of Property Club provides a space for younger people looking to get into the property investment market to be nurtured by experienced mentors and guided towards making the right purchasing decisions. Here, they can make use of the Club’s national network of property researchers to take the first step towards creating the property portfolio of their dreams.

    To find out how the Young Investors Club can help you get into the market, you need only look at the YIC presidents, Justin and Jenni Watson. Now in their mid-30s, this couple has 4 successful investment properties under their belt. However, like many, their journey didn’t start off as smooth sailing. It was only when they joined the Young Investors Club that their investment portfolio truly began to take off.

    Let’s take a look at their story.

    Beginning as Young Investors Justin and Jenni didn’t want to live a life confined by financial restraints. They wanted to be able to buy what they wanted, travel where they wanted to, and provide a comfortable life for themselves and their young family.

    To achieve this life, they decided to construct a strategy aimed at establishing themselves in the property market. They began by purchasing their own home at the age of just 21 in 2007. They were approved for a small home loan of $250,000, and they used this money to buy a house 62km outside of Melbourne’s CBD.

    This home of theirs needed a significant amount of work to bring it up to modern living standards, and its rural location meant they weren’t close to any traditional employment hubs. But in the years since, this area has seen a boom that has doubled the property’s value and ensured that Justin and Jenni have had a good home to live in while they establish their investment portfolio.

    How Property Club Kickstarted their Investment Portfolio After buying their own home, Justin and Jenni were ready to begin their investment portfolio. However, much to their frustration, every time that they found a property they wanted to invest in, it would be sold to another buyer. Despite all the research and planning they were conducting, Justin and Jenni just couldn’t take the next step.

    This changed when the couple were recommended Property Club by Jenni’s parents. They subsequently joined the Young Investors Club and were amazed by the amount of experience and research that this nurturing community could offer.

    By using the Club’s methodology of using equity to purchase the next investment property, Justin and Jenni were able to buy a new property in 2010, 2013, 2014, and 2017. The mentorship, guidance, and extensive resources provided by the Club gave this couple the boost they needed to establish the investment portfolio they have always wished for.

    Having a Successful Investment Portfolio Today, Justin, Jenni and their young family are the proud owners of four investment properties that they have purchased through the help of the Young Investors Club. These properties are spread all across Australia, including:

    • A townhouse in Eight Mile Plains, Queensland,
    • A unit in St Marys, New South Wales,
    • A Unit in Kedron, Queensland, and
    • A townhouse in Midland, Western Australia.

    These investment properties have allowed Justin and Jenni to live the life they have always dreamed of. They have travelled all around the world with their gorgeous family and are setting themselves up for an early retirement where they won’t have to rely solely on superannuation to continue living in comfort.

    Best of all, after years of being valued members, Justin and Jenni have stepped up into the role of Presidents for the Young Investors Club. Their goal is simple: to continue nurturing a welcoming and encouraging community that helps young investors build a successful investment portfolio that will take them places in the future. It worked for Justin and Jenni and countless other members, and they’re confident that will continue to work for young investors for years to come.

    Build A Successful Investment Portfolio with Young Investors Club The Young Investors Club is Property Club’s free membership-based community for young people wanting to get into the property market. Our services are entirely free as we want to make it as easy as possible for young investors to build the investment portfolio of their dreams. Contact us today to get started!

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