Why Invest in Perth in 2022?
    • 23 Mar, 2022

    Why Invest in Perth in 2022?

    The time is right to invest in Perth. After years of declining prices, it bottomed out last year, and now all signs point to 2022 being the year where the market will make a full recovery. Just how good will this recovery be? Well, it’s safe to say that Perth is well-positioned to become one of the most desirable markets for investors in Australia.

    At Property Club, our team of market experts have conducted extensive research into the Perth property market. This way, our members have all the resources and information at their disposal to make an informed investment decision. In this article, we’re going to explore why 2022 is the perfect time to invest in Perth and how the Western Australian capital can take your investment portfolio to new heights.

    A City Ready to Reopen The Western Australia border has begun to reopen to the rest of the country. For the first time in two years, it is now relatively easy for interstate travellers to migrate over to Perth, making way for a significant uptick in the city’s property market.

    This is a trend that has already been observed in Melbourne and Sydney after they exited their respective lockdowns. Perth is ready to break free of the pandemic’s grasp on its economy and investors should be ready to benefit from its recovery.

    Perth is also currently undertaking a series of major infrastructure projects that will only further its desirability as a city worth moving to. Some of these projects include:

    • Elizabeth Quay Lot 4
    • Waterbank
    • EQ West
    • Capital Square Tower
    • Edith Cowan University
    • And many more!

    ** A ASafe Bet for Investors** Perth is quickly becoming one of the surest markets for investors in Australia, with low prices and high returns, which is why so many have focused their attention on the city in recent times.

    There are several reasons why the investment market in Perth is currently looking so promising. The Western Australian economy has been steadily recovering after the damage caused by the pandemic. This has resulted in Perth’s property market undergoing a significant uptick, leading to higher rental demand and increased rental prices. There is also a huge property demand, with vacancy rates under 1%. Overall, the market is predicted to undergo double digit growth in 2022.

    All of these factors are of keen interest to investors at the moment. In summary, Perth’s property market has seen a resurgence that is predicted to continue in the future, leading to property and rental prices steadily rising. As such, investors are getting more and more excited about the possibilities that are opening up in Perth.

    Property Club’s Great Perth Investment Opportunities Property Club always has its finger on the pulse of the developments and trends that influence the Perth property market. Our knowledge, advice, and resources make it easy for our members to purchase an investment property that will reap the rewards long into the future.

    Some of the current great investment opportunities that Property Club is offering in Perth include:

    • A completed house and land with 5.7% return from $450,000
    • Several house and land packages in various locations from $440,000
    • Apartments only 5km from Perth’s CBD from $350,000
    • And more!

    These opportunities won’t last forever, so get in quick to make the most of this city’s promising current outlook.

    Invest in Perth with Property Club For even more great investment opportunities in Perth, consider becoming a Property Club member today. Membership is free, but the benefits awarded to you are priceless. Move your Perth investment ventures forward by joining Property Club today, or reach out to our friendly team at enquiries@propertyclub.com.au.

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