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Property Club

What Is Property Club?

We are property investors who want to help other investors. Our focus is on guiding others through education and purchasing the right kind of property using our services – ensuring you get the right property investment advice.

Established by Kevin and Kathy Young in 1994 as The Investors Club, Property Club has become Australian’s number one wealth creator of individuals.

Our comprehensive services and support of members, combined with the property investing knowledge of founders Kevin and Kathy Young, makes Property Club truly unique.
How do we provide free service?

Property Club’s aim is to help ordinary Australians achieve financial freedom through property investing.

What Do We Do?

Property Club is a leading property investment company that assists investors through every stage of the investment process. With an extensive network throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have researched, sourced and sold nearly 18,000 properties in Australia to more than 14,000 investors since we were established in 1994. Over 4,400 Property Club investors today hold property portfolios worth more than $1m in value!

For over twenty years, thousands of Australians have turned to Property Club for property investment advice. That’s why we’ve become Australia’s number one wealth creator.

How we
help you?

Property Club’s aim is “to help ordinary Australians achieve financial freedom through property investing”.
We do this by providing four key areas of support to our members – for free:

Property Education

Through free (or heavily subsidised) events, our free Property Investor Magazine, access to a full range of free information and support from your own Property Mentor.

Property Research

Studying growth areas, sourcing quality property and negotiating sound investment opportunities for members to help members avoid the traps in property investing.

Property Finance

Understanding the lifeblood of building a property portfolio – finance – we help to educate members on finance structures and to source the most suitable finance through our broker network.

Member Support

Offering a complete range of support services to members from learning to leasing, quality inspections, property management, cash flow analysis and conveyancing through to claiming the most tax benefits – all with the help of your own Property Mentor.

Our members are excited to share their experiences with family and friends. This is the core of Property Club’s ongoing success – happy and successful investors who want to share with others. See our Success Stories

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Our Growth– Our Success

For over 22 years, Property Club growth has been exponential. As more people have joined the Club and experienced our exceptional services, they can’t help but share it with others.

We can now boast:
  • Over 19,000 Club-sourced properties purchased by members
  • More than 5,000 members who’ve reached the target of a $1million property portfolio and joining our Property Millionaires Club.
  • Around 30 professional Property Researchers who scour the market for the most promising property opportunities for our members
  • Branches throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing members with the latest information and supporting member’s investing.
  • More than 200 Property Mentors, guiding other members using the knowledge, skills and analytical tools of the collective Property Club knowledge base.
  • A network of qualified mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants, quantity surveyors, builders and developers – all who understand and respect the values of Property Club.
  • A corporate head office in Brisbane with staff specialising in areas of property research, property management, mortgage broking, marketing, leasing, IT and admin.
Unique Services

We are always finding new ways to help our members. Where else in the world can you find a Club like ours offering free membership and a network structure of free support to members?

  • A one-stop-shop to access property related services including property research, building inspections and sourcing tenants, along with financial & loan advice, superannuation and insurances (without the sales hype)
  • Great property investment opportunities and deals due to our research, bargaining strength and volume of buyers,
  • Personalised support through each stage of your purchase process and for the life of your Club investment,
  • Education on how you can safely build a property portfolio, manage it wisely and prepare for a retirement using your property wealth,
  • Property Research & Selection – Diversify by selecting from a national stock list of qualified, quality investment properties. This enables you to invest confidently regardless of where you are located.
  • Investment Strategies to become financially independent in the shortest possible time and with minimum cash outlay. It is a goal that’s achievable to most people – they just need to know how.
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Success Stories
Kevin Young’s Story
  • “For many years now, the Przial Branch in NSW have worked with many nurses, assisting them with investment choices and information to help the investing process run more smoothly.

    A nurse’s time is often limited, and while looking after others, they often neglect their own financial future.”

    Deb & Kevin Morgan
  • “We can only compliment Property Club, our property mentor Roger Galway, our solicitor Smart Legal and our Property Loans mortgage broker…”

    Di & Mick Coleman
  • “Bronwen and I would just like to say a huge Thank You to Property Club for the work that you and your team did in presenting the 2013 National Conference. As we may have told you, it was the first national one we have been to but definitely won’t be the last…”

    Bronwen & Michael Roberts
  • “In 2011, my wife Cheer and I got married and bought our first home in Westminster WA (Perth). At dinner one evening, with friends…”

    Sam & Cheer Heywood