Who Said It Was A Bad Time To Buy?

Who Said It Was A Bad Time To Buy?

The media are biased to scarier headlines to sell papers and evening news etc. This deliberate misinformation is only a product of the last 30 years with the diminishing role of proprietors by law.

Now, a TV Network or newspaper cannot control what a journalist writes. They can exaggerate their articles. As a result, you are getting an unchecked opinion and mostly from a journalist who has no in-depth knowledge of the subject.

A Bad Time To Buy?

Even well-established finance journalists have very little historical knowledge of property, its markets, its cycles and its various cash flows. Yet the same journalist can print unchecked unqualified comments as facts. They are misinforming and hurting the public. The result is you are finding it extremely hard to be proactive and make positive decisions that will help you avoid a lifetime of poverty on wages and then on the pension. My father was similarly gripped by these negatives. He most certainly didn’t enjoy the pension.

I saw an interesting discussion on TV some months ago between older journalists and those in their early 40’s. The contrast was that all agreed that then the journalist would have the work checked by a sub editor very heavily and sent back to check. They would then go on if it was passed the second time up to the editor for scrutiny.

They all agreed on the difference. These days it goes straight from journalist straight into print with some minor exceptions.

How can you benefit from this misinformation?

Property Club’s over-arching company is Property Education Club. It is a bit of a mouth full but that is what we do. Let’s take each of the scary headlines and compare it with the facts.

“Getting impossible for younger people to buy property”. This is keeping young people from searching out and finding property. This is causing those people who do, to mostly buying the wrong property in the wrong place with the wrong funding and then struggle for the rest of their lives. The fact is, that buying the right property, right funding and right location has never ever been cheaper!! Property Club is getting younger investors into property for a pittance!

Those who attended our National Conference last, our 23rd annual conference would have seen the President of the Young Investors Club, Jake Sewell demonstrate how he is getting Young Investors Club members into their first property for as little as $4,000. This is a process the club is doing time and time again.

So the Headline is wrong, not only is it wrong but the properties that people are buying now as first home buyers are far, far better than in my day, in the 50’s/60’s/70’s. Then, we never had ensuites, now they all do.

Then we were forced to buy on the outskirts of the cities, now we can put you within minutes of the city by fast public transport. Then, we had to buy an extra car for our spouse to get to the distance services that were required, schools, medical and shopping.

The fact is, back in the day was much harder to buy your first home. Don’t listen to the headlines for your education.

Happy Investing!

Kevin Young | Club Founder

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