What will interest rates do?

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The futures market is solid on the fact that interest rates aren’t likely to climb anytime soon.

The above shows that rates have absolutely no chance of rising for a long period of time.

Do you know that for all of the upsetness that people have had over the years with interest rate rises that in the last 30 years we have had just 27 interest rate hikes from the RBA?

And the last interest rate hike we had was 3,530 days ago (3rd November 2010)!

It makes you realise and understand how cheap funds are today to get access to – genuinely the lowest cost of funding for our generation.

That is why we have some members getting rates below 2.1% fixed for 2 years!

Examples below are based on $500,000 loan over 25 years:


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Troy Gunasekera

National Manager