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For 25 years now, Property Club has been at the forefront of quality research producing quality properties that can be successfully held for the long-term.

Now, one of the largest valuers in the country has put together their national property clock, for both houses and units.

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How much have you got stashed away for Retirement?

Sobering information through from Association of Superannuation Funds showing that due to the rising cost of basic food items, the latest quarterly retirement standard (the benchmark used to work out how much Australians need once we stop working) has reached a record high. 

The data from the June quarter showed that couples aged 65 and above for a comfortable retirement, would need around $61,000 annually and for singles, $43,000 annually. Extrapolating this out, the ASFA retirement standard to achieve a comfortable retirement with the above numbers, would be $645,000 for couples and singles $545,000.

This is also based on the assumption that the retirees would own their own home outright, be in good health and receive a part pension. With record low interest rates in place, it has never been a better time to look at investing in well researched properties, which more often than not are cash flow neutral to positive!

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Troy Gunasekera | National Manager