Do you have support to last the distance when accumulating property?

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Do you have the support to last the distance when accumulating property?

Wendy Zirins (Priestly) is a property millionaire!

She accumulated her wealth through property with the help of the Property Education Club.

Wendy wanted to create something that could provide her with the money she desired to retire early and live a full life of travel and adventure. She was like many other Australian’s, influenced and distracted by many so called ‘arm-chair’ experts such as her well-meaning family and friends. Keeping her focus sharp and unwavering was at times hard to say the least.

Too many people lose focus of their goal and stop creating their wealth in tough times. Wendy was able to plug in at these times to her Property Education Club support structure to wade through the problems she faced, big and small and come out with over $3 million dollars in equity. It was no 100m dash, it was a slow and steady race over 2 decades, a timeframe most people are too restless to wait for.


Founder, Kevin Young, Australia’s biggest property investor, has over 52 years experience in the industry and is a multi-million dollar philanthropist. Kevin has always and continues to openly and freely help any individual wanting property advice.


When you partner with someone who is going to assist you, you want to know they’ll be there for the long run – Property Education Club has been doing just that for 25 years with over 20,000 properties purchased by Club members, our record speaks for itself!


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