Why SEQ Is The Place to Invest In 2019

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Why am I predicting Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast? Because it is their emerging time in the cycle and you all know how to make money from cycles.  While Sydney has finished it’s a boom, SE Qld is entering its time in the spotlight.


Why?  There is belatedly now $45 billion in committed infrastructure spending over the next 4 years.  This will further drive up the population, employment and of course the property market.  Presetting this, in the last financial year, we had 92,000 people come across the border coming here looking for the extra 62,000 jobs we created.


Now all of this should have happened 3 years earlier but the sudden change of government left the incoming government with no money in the till as they promised in the election not to lease the poles and wires so they did not have the coast so it has taken them 3 years to catch up.  Now there is more substantial private development in the pipeline and the Brisbane CBD and the inner fringe is getting totally modernized.  This will drag in a huge amount also of tourists and the associated employment.


Now the middle and outer suburbs are facing increasing congestion because there is simply not enough houses being built, particularly houses, in the middle ring and that outer ring, and that is where the club is concentrating on to help you maximize your return.  Have a look at the chart now for Brisbane and you can see that it is now slowly waking up and once this money starts pouring in it is going to boom.  But as usual, most people are going to rush in 90% and buy the wrong property in the wrong location with the wrong type of long-term letting support and as a result, they will be handcuffed to one property only and you cannot retire on just one property, so as usual come to us and we will tell you all the right places, the right funding, the right tenant and we do it all for free.


Just ask the question at enquiries@propertyclub.com.au and we will do this for you free of charge, of course, no obligation.