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What is probably THE most important part of property investing?

It has to be the property itself! Gone are the days of buying any piece of real estate, wait 5 years and it will double in value. Property investment is hugely popular in Australia with over 2.1 Million taxpayers with investment property, so to make sure you are one of the most successful you need to make sure you buy the correct property.

Speaking of properties now ‘doubling’ in value or producing a 100% profit or more in 7-10 years, the likelihood is now only 10.9%. You want to be in this 10.9% obviously, but how?

Many experts say you should study your market for 3-4 months before making a decision. You spend this time to select the correct suburb using data like auction clearance rates, vacancy rates, capital growth etc. You then would go on to search DA’s lodged with relevant council’s, infrastructure projects in place or in the pipeline, what it’s walkability is like, is it going to be relevant in the marketplace in 10 – 15 years time (remember investing is a long-term plan). Then come to the inspections, you may have heard the age-old adage of inspecting 100 properties before making a decision. You have fuel costs to view the properties (there’s another topic), your time booking out entire weekends, taking photos and then reviewing them. On and on we go…

You can see how big a process it can be and the above done properly on your own can easily take the 3-4 months. Then who’s to say you have made the right decision or paid the right amount? Remember time and property prices wait for no one and I believe any longer than 2 months and you have a problem.

All of the above, Property Club has been doing on your behalf for 25 years. We have researchers all over the country who’s full-time job is researching the best investment opportunities, and then negotiating with the seller the best possible prices and inclusions. The beauty in the system is they only get paid on performance, so if the properties they are finding don’t tick all of the boxes and have all our 13 Critical Factors for a good investment (that’s another email), then they won’t even get listed on our exclusive stockist let alone shown to our members.

With our extensive research, we immediately eliminate 99% of the market so your due-diligence becomes much easier. Let’s face it, correct research accounts for 80% of your property success.


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