Prospering in Property Investment
    • 08 May, 2022

    Prospering in Property Investment

    This is the story of how two refugees managed to prosper in the Australian property investment market with the help of Property Club. Trung Nguyen and Tri‘s journey has been one of determination, resilience, and hard work as they made their way from newly arrived refugees to wealthy property investors.

    With the help of Property Club Trung and Tri were able to make a comfortable new life for themselves in Australia, and now manage an impressive property portfolio. It’s an inspirational story that many prospective investors can use as a blueprint for finding success in the property investment game.

    Hitting the Books After arriving in Australia, Trung and Tri worked hard to build up enough wealth to enter the property investment market. But before they jumped in, they knew they had to educate themselves to have the best chance of success.

    Both Trung and Tri were avid readers – as many Property Club members are – so they decided to hit the books in a bid to find as much information and advice on property investment in the Australian market. Trung cites books such as Noel Whittaker’s Golden Rules of Wealth and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad as critical turning points in their education. These books taught them how to leverage their income into wealth creation activities such as investing in property.

    Kevin Young’s Property, Prosper and Retire Another book that Trung and Tri would later come across is Property, Prosper and Retire by the founder of Property Club, Kevin Young. This book taught them foundational principles and practical steps to follow in building a property portfolio. Property, Prosper and Retire provided these investors with the information they needed to avoid common property traps and become part of the 20% of investors who continue with their dream after buying their first investment property.

    Trung and Tri also found this book offered great advice on the following:

    • How to research investment properties
    • How to get started on your investment journey
    • How to avoid the common mistakes made by new property investors
    • Financial and insurance tips
    • And more!

    Partnering with the Right People Although Trung and Tri found plenty of value in reading books targeted at budding property investors, they also admit that the best research they got was from talking with experienced investors. They have learnt a great deal after joining Property Club’s Property Millionaire’s Club, and took the opportunity to learn from seasoned investors who were happy to impart knowledge and stories regarding their own journeys.

    Between 2003 and 2014, Trung and Tri worked hard to build their property portfolio. In this time, they quickly discovered the importance of having the right team supporting them at every step of the way. By forming vital relationships with their mortgage broker, Property Club Mentor, Branch Manager, and even Kevin Young himself, they never felt like they were walking alone. Tri comments that there were always people to answer their questions, share their experience, and offer advice at every step. By having a network of like-minded people supporting them, navigating their property investment journey was so much easier.

    Prosper in Property Investment with Property Club Trung and Tri’s extraordinary journey in property investment is an inspiration to all. By becoming a member of Property Club today, you will be surrounding yourself with all the resources and support you need to establish your own successful property portfolio. Contact us today at to start your free membership.

    If you are searching for practical tips and advice on how to begin your own rewarding property investment journey, then pick up Kevin Young’s book Property, Prosper and Retire today!

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