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Predictions 2017 – Who Got It Right? Wrong?

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At Christmas 2016 we asked a number of experts their 2017 Christmas predictions for Australian Cash Rate, 10 Year Bond Rate, US Cash Rate, Australian Dollar, Australian Inflation, Australian GDP, Unemployment Rate, ASX.

  •  Australian Cash Rate – 1.5%’
  •  The 10 Year Bond Rate – 2.651%
  •  US Cash Rate – 1.5%
  •  Australian Dollar – .76c
  •  Australian Inflation – 1.9%
  •  Australian GDP – 0.9%
  •  Unemployment Rate – 5.4%
  •  ASX – .6067.30

So who got individual as right? Who got it wrong? Who got most of these right? Who was the overall winner?

We will release these results next week! Hopefully, we can get these same experts to give their Christmas 2018 predictions to help make decide who was right and who was wrong.

Kevin Young
Club Founder