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The bank’s funding base rate continues to fall and the big one is the ten year rate down almost half a percent. Given the high underemployment talk of recession will soon get into the media and our too little too late RBA will reduce rates.

Mr Treasurer, you are the first Liberal Treasurer to not ring the banks if they don’t immediately pass on the RBA cuts in full. In the past such action by Costello saw all the cuts passed on in full within two weeks of the RBA announcement.

Mr Treasurer, can you comment on the banks now not only ignoring you but they’re being urged by APRA to raise rates, draining cash out of the economy while their cost of funds are falling.

We are sending this notice on to the media to see if some action can be taken to make the government focus on record high underemployment from the six year long credit squeeze that has not been noticed by the media or any Treasurer.

Now the good news, investors across the nation are being shut out of buying property, stalling supply as builders in turn mothball sights.

The bananas story tells us the inevitable result is rising prices. The good news is that our national network of “fund finders” means that our investors are getting funding. In fact we are sitting on Australia’s biggest buying group. We have $1.25 billion of funding approved. So, We have exercised our monopoly to go to builders to get some absolute cracker deals.

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Happy Investing,

Kevin Young
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