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The Australian Federal Government has just locked in a $3 billion loan fixed for ten years.

Would you like to borrow at that same rate? It was just 0.75%!

Two things…

1. This money should go immediately into job creation and low-interest rate loans to the non-major banking sector to end our credit squeeze. This will be exactly the reverse of what happened when Rudd gave a favourable rate to the five majors at the expense of the competition that mostly the majors then gobbled up. An opportunity now for the Federal Government to fight back. Will our Federal Treasurer have this initiative or will he continue to be a hostage of the Treasury Department?

A question for readers – has the Treasury Department’s predictions ever been right? I would love to hear from you.

2. This indicates that we are indeed in for low rates for longer. This also means we are in for low inflation for longer. This means a total rethink on wealth creation to provide you with a long and sustainable, wealthy retirement.

Constant change needs constant education. Prior to the Club, only the rich could afford the education! We are a Club for everyone.

Keen to hear your thoughts. Please send your comments and requests to enquiries@propertyclub.com.au

Until next time,

Kevin Young | Club Founder