Executive Director, Phil Hill

Keeping in Touch with Members

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Over the past 22 years, we have grown to 70,000 plus current members. As a business it has been hard keeping in touch with all of our members. Many of our Branch Managers and Property Mentors have moved on.

We want to keep in touch with our valued members, so have implemented an in house Call Centre. We have partnered with an organisation called U2E (Unemployed to Employed) who like the Property Club, have a passion to help and train the unemployed and disadvantaged in our Community, similar to our charity Club Cares.

Darren & Julie are our main callers – so if you haven’t heard from your Property Mentor in a while, you might get a “staying in touch” call from Darren or Julie. They will then let your Property Mentor know that they have spoken with you and any further information you require will be provided by your Property Mentor.

Property Club prides itself on helping others, so if you receive a call from Darren and Julie, please welcome their call.

Phil Hill
Executive Director