Home Buying Spending intentions on the rise – what does this mean for our property markets?

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Commonwealth Bank releases an intriguing report monthly called the Household Spending Intentions Series (HSI)

CommBank’s Household Spending Intentions series combines the spending data, one of Australia’s largest financial data sources, with Google Trends publically available search activity. 

By connecting with advance readings on actual spending data to intentional data, our analysis should provide an early indication of prospective spending trends. 

Tracked across seven spending sectors, this analysis can offer a future lens into specific industries. 

When these sectors are looked at together, the Household Spending Intentions series provides a holistic view of the changing spending behaviours of Australians and the potential implications for the economy.

Home Buying Spending Intentions:

HSI readings remain at levels pointing to further gains in dwelling prices, a turn in the residential construction cycle and a positive wealth effect that should help consumer activity. 

A good look at where our dwelling prices are going, considering they have got it right historically with this data!

And also from ANZ Research, which also historically picked the rise and fall of housing shows, there is still some way to go in this upswing!

And no doubt because of this, the sentiment is vastly improved for residential property:

Very positive conditions to take advantage of!

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Troy Gunasekera

National Manager