Commuting times soar – What does this mean for property investments you choose?

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The ABC has reported that commuting times have risen across Australia.

Workers now spend on average 4.5 hours a week getting to and from work, this is an amazing 23% higher from 2002.

No surprise, that Sydneysiders fared the worst, closely followed by Melbourne.

As our house prices have increased over the past decade, this has pushed workers into the suburbs as they search for affordable homes. It is clear that infrastructure hasn’t been able to keep up with our population growth. Therefore, it is more important than ever, to have the right property in the right area, close to major transport/transit infrastructure that will enable easy commutes to work. Over the past 25 years, Property Club members have had the benefits of having the right properties, in the right location, best chosen for capital growth that will stand them in good stead for the long-term!

And the good news is that the 2.99% interest rates are still available and being achieved by Club members, so make sure to contact your Property Mentor or hit for further information to get the best finance option in place for you! 

Troy Gunasekera | National Manager