You can’t get rich paying tax

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Did you know that we have created over 4,000 property millionaires in the Property Club? This is more than our competitors all combined!

We have been creating and educating everyday people into millionaires for twenty years! It is amazing that we have reached so many people via our cost free training, our annual conferences and our Property Mentors.

First, we show you how to legally not pay tax.  I love the quote from Kerry Packer to the Senate Enquiry when they found out he was not paying tax “you can’t get rich paying tax!” I haven’t been paying income tax since 1971.  Why is this legal? Why am I a good Australian for not doing so? Contact your Property Mentor who is also in the process of getting to zero tax per week.  Two things will happen.  You will grow wealthy while helping the economy.

The Problem

The second part of our education is to help you move your Super, along with your wealth, into safe bricks and mortar away from the roller coaster of the share market.  How much do you think the Super Funds invest in safe bricks and mortar? Just 3.8%! Even then this is in what I regard as more risky commercial and industrial real estate.  They do this because they are flush with funds and can quickly get rid of hundreds of millions of dollars in one transaction, to buy safe residential bricks and mortar they would have to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours sifting through the market buying individual properties. But this is our specialty. We have 30 full time Researchers across the country doing this year in year out.

Even worse, they are virtually putting all their eggs in one basket with 36% of your money having gone into the big four banks.  Their insane greed that has gone unchecked by the RBA, APRA and the Government is the big attraction.  Twenty nine billion dollars in net profits sucked out of the economy is the great attraction for the Super Funds.  What happens to your return on this money when the banks finally get competition? When the politics forces this, or that the “insane profits” are bought back to world norms? Is it planting now, the seeds of the next crash in the share market in Australia? This could happen as bank prices dramatically fall effecting the ASX 200 then effecting the share market generally.

The Solution

So this is the second part of the wealth education we are doing to help you.  We have Property Focused Super.  Here we take your Super and we spend the time delving through property locations, types of properties and the best prospected properties for your Super.  Property – safe residential property – is not a spectacular investment, but a long term investment.  We all know that shares go up and shares go down.  When they are up the Super Funds can beat their chest and point to double digit gross returns before their fees and charges.  They are very quiet when the next year share prices plummet.  Meanwhile, property just keeps plodding along.

Which would you rather choose, your future retirement income tied up on the share market or in residential bricks and mortar? The budget shows that over the last twenty years people have arrived at that situation.  The budget papers show that 80% of these people now require the pension to get to the basic pension income.  My figures show that the other 20%, within five years, will be doing exactly the same thing.  Only 1% of people who are retiring in 2013 will stay funded in retirement not requiring the pension.  (Age pension per single per fortnight – $842.80).

The Problem

Nor will things get any better from this Super swindle of your money.  Budget forward projections show that in 2050 the percentages will be exactly the same.  Super is letting people down.  The figures show that it is not only letting people down now but will continue to do so at least over the next thirty years.

The Solution

The solution requires you to take action… So, there you have it.  Your Club is helping you with these two wealth creation arms.  Would you like more information? Contact your Property Mentor to assist you to join our Property Millionaires Club!

Kevin Young
Club founder & Director

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