Australia is doing well compared to other countries in getting through this crisis

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Well, another few interesting days and the chart everyone has been looking at is :

As the new daily number of reported cases continues to fall, it is pleasing to hear talk now coming out from Canberra about how and when some of our lockdown restrictions can be eased!

Core Logic / RP Data released an updated summary of the stimulus measures in place and we summarise these for you below:

All very real & positive, providing hope that the impending downturn we have will be followed by a ‘V-shaped’ recovery.

On that point, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released updated research showing that they predict a V-shaped rebound of 6.1 per cent for Australia next year if the global pandemic peaks in the next three months and social distancing restrictions ease in the second half of this year.

When you look at how Australia’s Government Gross debt to GDP compares to the rest of the world, we are doing pretty well and this will hopefully hold us in good stead moving forwards to ‘payback’ the stimulus measures brought in to see us through this tough time.

By International Monetary Fund – , CC BY-SA 3.0, 

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