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  • 19 Jun, 2020

All about South East Queensland!

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Some great positives through this week from Queensland that the world's largest E-tailer Amazon Australia is building a multi-million dollar fulfilment centre in Brisbane that is set to begin operating by Christmas.

The company announced the operational expansion saying that the new facility will be located at Goodman's Port Industry Park in the Brisbane suburb of Lytton.

"The new fulfilment centre will be around the same size as two Rugby League fields, housing more than half a million items from," the company said.

Brisbane's Top 15 Major Projects 2020

Brisbane is officially under construction. 

Everywhere you look, there is a significant construction site underway. A city of 2.5 million, a region of 3.6 million, the city is undergoing monumental change, with 2020 welcoming the start of many new major projects about to come online.

The video below counts down Brisbane's top 15 major projects of significance for the year. The importance of a project doesn't always mean the associated dollar figure, but more how it will impact the city.

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