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An important legal notice from Kevin Young

Many of our members or prospective members may have seen an ABC 7.30 Report last year about a couple who had made allegations about The Investors Club (Property Club). At that time, we were not able to make public comment due to the matter being subject to legal proceedings. This put Property Club in an indefensible position publicly and has resulted in an unfounded backlash of public scrutiny and doubt about our integrity.
I am so pleased to say that we can now speak openly, and Property Club can continue the great work we do to genuinely help everyday people to live a better future. We are an open book. Just ask any of our 200 or so Property Mentors, or our 4,500+ Property Millionaires Club members who will freely share their experiences of the fabulous work our team does to help everyday people.

At last – here are the facts about the Court Judgement.

On the 22nd May 2014 The Investors Club Limited (TIC) and Gary Smith and Greenspan Financial Services Pty Ltd were issued a Claim and Statement of Claim by Rose Marie Mathews and Noel Anthony McNally in the Supreme Court of New South Wales Equity division in Case Numbered 2014/154512.
McNally & Mathews had alleged in the Supreme Court proceeding that TIC had made representations that were false and misleading, negligent and unconscionable.
On the 12th August 2014 the ABC broadcast an interview between McNally & Mathews on the 7.30 report. TIC and Kevin Young objected to this report on the basis that the allegations were untrue and that TIC and Kevin Young were restrained to comment due to the matter being before the Court.
Unfortunately, the ABC chose to broadcast the story, which was damaging to TIC and Kevin Young.
Litigation can take considerable time, and it was not until the 29th June 2015 that the matter was concluded in favour of The Investors Club, Gary Smith and Greenspan Financial Services.
The Court awarded Judgment against Rose Marie Mathews and Noel Anthony McNally which exonerated The Investors Club and Gary Smith of any wrong doing.
In addition to the Judgment, Rose Marie Mathews and Noel Anthony McNally provided a signed personal statement that reads exactly as follows;

To the extent that, in any media interviews, we have referred to anyone falsifying, doctoring or fudging documents, these allegations were not intended to be made against The Investors Club, The Property Club or Gary Smith. To the extent that these allegations may have been understood to have been made against The Investors Club, The Property Club or Gary Smith, this was an error. At no time have we brought a case against any of these persons on this basis, or intentionally made such allegations against them.

We acknowledge that, despite the allegations made by us in the media and in the legal proceedings, we were at no time misled or deceived by the conduct of The Investors Club, The Property Club or Gary Smith.

Signed by McNally & Mathews

These proceedings are an example of what can happen when someone decides to make allegations in a Court of Law and the damage that follows.
I am so proud of our team at Property Club and what has been achieved over the past 21 years, having helped thousands of individuals create wealth. These are everyday people who may never have been able to improve their own financial destiny without our help.

Property Club has many thousands of happy and successful investors, yet it’s inevitable with such a large membership base, someone will have an issue at some point. We urge all our members to stay in contact with their Property Mentor and Branch Manager. If you ever have a problem, we welcome the chance to help you sort it out, and we have a team of professional people who can offer assistance.

We now wish to lay to rest the McNally & Mathews saga and look forward to meeting new generations of Club members who can be part of the Property Club family.

Kevin Young,

Property Club Founder and Director