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A private investigation has exposed ABC 7:30 report in grave breaches of journalistic ethics

Property Club In The Media

In a fallacious story, ABC’s deliberate omission of relevant facts are not only defamatory, they also appear to have acted with malice and premeditated intent to cause harm to innocent people with clean hands.

Update 1.

In an update, the couple interviewed by the ABC confirmed the ABCs inaccuracy. The couple confirms when using the ‘they’ the couple was not referring to Property Club, Investors Club or Kevin Young but Greenspan Financial Services. ABC has continually hidden the identity of the Broker who should have been the sole person interviewed for the story.

Update 2.

The NSW Supreme Court has dismissed the lawsuit.

Update 3.

ABC responds by issuing an inconspicuous correction at the bottom of the 21 word erroneous article.

In summary, Kevin Young’s Property Club is cleared after ABC journalist, editor and producer are exposed for breaches in journalistic ethics. Click here to see the full 40 minute before the ABC set about faking the facts.

Update 4.

Click here to read the comments from over 500 members who support the Club and who do NOT support what the ABC has wrongfully done.


Kevin Young
Property Club Founder