A record number of Aussies refinancing as new home lending plummets

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Thanks to the good folk at Australia’s most visited comparison site finder.com.au – new research has shown that more Australians than ever refinanced their home loan in May.

Finder analysis of the latest ABS lending data (released 9 July) revealed that both the total number and value of refinanced home loans peaked in May 2020.

The total value of these refinanced home loans exceeded $15.1 billion in May, up 26% from the previous high of $12 billion in April.

  1. ABS data reveals 33,712 Aussies refinanced in May, up 30% from April

  2. 64% of all refinanced loans were switching lenders, an all-time high

Clear reasons to look at the benefits of refinancing:

  1. My interest rate is too high. This is the most straightforward case. If your interest rate is high, then switching to a better deal will save you a lot of money. Dropping your rate on a loan of $350,000 from 3.45% to 2.59% would save you $162 a month or $1,944 a year.
  1. I want an offset account. Offset accounts are one of the most useful features on a mortgage. They allow you to save and spend money like an ordinary transaction account, but every dollar that sits in the account offsets your loan principal.
  1. I want to access some extra cash. A lot of people refinance a home loan so that they can borrow a bit more money. They can use the money for investments, to fund a home renovation or to buy a car. With rates being so low, refinancing to a cheaper rate and borrowing a little more can be quite cost-effective. It will probably cost you less than taking out a separate car loan.
  1. I’m struggling with mortgage repayments. It’s tough to refinance if you’re in financial distress. This is because you need to apply for a new home loan with a new lender. The lender will examine your finances and spending. If you’re in this situation, you’re better off focusing on getting your debt, income and expenditure under control.

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