3  Reasons to Use a Recommended Property Club Mortgage Broker

3 Reasons to Use a Recommended Property Club Mortgage Broker

We are often asked why we suggest that members use our recommended mortgage brokers. The simple answer to that is that not all mortgage brokers are made equal – not only do our recommended brokers have significant industry experience, but they are also experienced with Property Club’s special conditions.

We have a number of special conditions that we include in our contracts that help protect our members. Using a broker who is not already familiar with these conditions could lead to delays in the process which ultimately sees you lose out on the property to another buyer.

In this piece, we’re going to run you through a recent example of a Property Club member who almost missed out on buying their investment property, as well as three key benefits that a Property Club Recommended Broker brings to the table.

Case Study: Nearly Missing Out One of Property Club’s members was recently in the process of purchasing a new investment property. They decided to use their own mortgage broker, someone who had no prior experience working with a Property Club member.

The result was the mortgage broker advised our member to hold off on the purchase as he wasn’t aware that we had special measures in place to protect our members. Our member came really close to losing the property to another buyer because their mortgage broker was telling them not to sign the contract.

We asked Joe Linco, one of our valued Club Researchers who has an extensive background and experience in finance, to speak with the member. He objectively explained to them how Property Club’s special conditions would work in their favour and protect their financial interests. He worked with the member and explained how the conditions were different to a regular property purchase so they could proceed with the application.

This gave our member the confidence to move ahead and they were rewarded with securing the property. Had they used one of Property Club’s recommended mortgage brokers from the start, then they would have saved themselves the stress of nearly missing out.

Property Club’s Professional Mortgage Brokers: 3 Benefits Using a mortgage broker has the potential to help you save a lot of money and ensure that you receive the best possible loan to help you finance your investment property. While a lot of people go straight to their bank when it comes time to organise their financials, they could be missing out on significant benefits that mortgage professionals have access to. But what are some of the benefits of using a Property Club recommended broker?

Choice: If you go straight to your bank and don’t consider your other options, then you are only opening yourself up to a handful of choices. Your bank will be limited by the products that they have available, whereas our brokers have access to more than 35 lenders and more than 400 products. A qualified mortgage professional can help you weigh up what your bank is offering you with other options available on the market to make an informed decision.

Experience: We touched on this earlier, but experience is everything when it comes to choosing a mortgage professional. Not just industry experience, but Property Club experience as well. As our case study highlighted, working alongside a mortgage broker who isn’t familiar with how Property Club operates could lead to costly delays in securing the finance you need to move forward with your investment.

Follow-up: The best part about using a Property Club recommended broker is that they will manage the entire process for you including your paperwork and application. They will follow-up on the progress regularly – they take the brunt of the time consuming, stressful and frustrating elements involved in securing a loan, and streamline it into clear, concise updates and communication for you.

Our recommended brokers have access to our Memberlink platform to monitor your loan progress which helps streamline the process even further. Secure Your Mortgage with Property Club

Property Club has helped countless property investors over the years find the right mortgage brokers to help them succeed in the market. We also offer free financial health checks to help you determine how healthy your accounts are and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Contact us today at finance@propertyclub.com.au.

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