What $1 Million Buys In Real Estate Around The World

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With all this (sometimes rightful) talk about Real Estate becoming so expensive (in certain markets around Australia – mainly Sydney / Melbourne), the Wealth Report, from London-based real estate brokerage Knight Frank, measured the top markets in the world and compared how much prime property $1 million would buy in each.

It is enlightening to see that only Sydney & Melbourne have made this list (with a fair few cities above them), showing that there are (logically) opportunities in other property markets around our nation.

If you had any doubts that limited supply and increasing demand pushes up prices, you only need to look at the facts that:

  • In Monaco and New York, $1 million buys 1 less square meter than it did a year ago 
  • In London, which ranked fourth, $1 million buys 28 square meters, 2 meters less than a year ago 
  • Los Angeles saw even stronger prices, with $1 million buying about 620 square feet, compared with about 657 square feet a year ago

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