The Times They Are A Changin'
    • 02 Jun, 2022

    The Times They Are A Changin'

    In the words of Bob Dylan “The Times They Are A Changin”.

    We are coming out of a once in 100 year pandemic and an unprecedented period of record low interest rates. Inflation in most countries has soared to multi-year highs driven by a strong rebound of economic activity which has caused further disruptions to the already strained supply chains.

    With the recent change of federal government, it is likely that we will see the implementation of the new policies and budget. While it is uncertain if these changes will impact the lending policies in Australia there are some things that we absolutely know are going to happen:

    • APRA and ASIC attempting to rein in property values to significantly curtail lending by financial institutions,
    • Interest Rates will continue to rise over the next 12 to 18 months, and
    • Your current lender WILL NOT EXTEND your interest only period beyond 5 years.

    Lending policies will be tightened by the regulators and many Australians will find borrowing and refinancing becoming significantly more difficult.

    So what can Property Club do for investors?

    Have no doubt that we are about to enter a lending squeeze with predicted interest rate rises ultimately pushing the buffer rate up, disqualifying a lot of Australians from refinancing. You need to position yourself to get ahead of that squeeze before it is too late.

    We are offering a free assessment to our members to assist those who are looking to restructure their loans before new lending policies tighten with increasing interest rates. With the current lending policies there is an opportunity to secure your investment and home loan positions for up to the next 5 years.

    If you aren’t already a Property Club member consider becoming a member of Property Club today, you will be surrounding yourself with all the resources and support you need to establish a successful property portfolio and maintain it.

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