The Population Growth Train Rumbles On

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34 minutes . . . .

What can be done in that time?

The evening news? Your favourite sitcom?

34 minutes is the current rate of growth for an additional 36 people to immigrate to Australia – every 34 minutes! Over the past year, Melbourne’s population has grown by just on 120,000 people, or 327 people a day!

In the same time period, the greater metropolitan area of Sydney had 93,000 more new residents, or 256 people each day!

Melbourne and Sydney account for 40% of Australia’s total population, but planning has failed to keep us with this growth, leading to challenges with transport, schools, health and water.

Just on 7 out of every 10 people live in our capital cities, with the proportion growing.

Capital cities are where most of the growth will be and as Sydney/Melbourne take a breather due to their substantial growth over the past few years, there are some fantastic opportunities in other capital cities that Property Club is at the forefront of!

Properties like this one above are cash flow positive ($22 per week!) and very well placed to take advantage of the coming upswing in cities other than Sydney/Melbourne!

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Troy Gunasekera | National Manager