• 15 September 2014

Why are you paying tax?

I haven't paid income tax since 1971 and retired in 1974!

While I have not paid income tax I have created thousands of jobs in the construction industry etc.  Do you want to be a good Australian and not pay tax?

Simply contact your Property Mentor who has the software programs to gently guide you through what they have done - to legally reduce your tax.

Do you know what bracket creep is?  You get a pay increase but you don't take home more money.  Why? Because that increase puts you into a higher percentage tax grab.  It's been predicted that in the next twelve years bracket creep will put the average tax payer rate up from 32.5% to 37%.  The Government taking a whole extra 5% of your money without touching the tax act!

This bracket creep in the next twelve years will push Government coffers up a massive $33billion.

You can work with your Property Mentor now to see that you are not part of this tax grab.  Instead see that you have the money in your pocket and you are spending it in the wider community creating real extra jobs.  The Government doesn't know how to create jobs.  Your wise spending creates the real jobs where they are really needed.

Members of the club and also members of the Property Millionaires Club are not always high income earners. We have a high percentage of members who are on lower incomes. In fact, a lot of our members have professions that fall under the low income bracket.

If you are one of those fortunate ones on $180,000 or more you have been hit with a 2% Labor's deficit tax.  You don't have to pay it.  Again see your Property Mentor who can take you through the steps, legal steps that you can follow to legally avoid paying this levy.  Again, the money does more for the economy in your pocket than it does for the Government.

Super levy stalled - good or bad? Will it save you from the pension in retirement?

I have long said that Super is inflationary and hurts the workers.  After twenty years it is a proven failure.  80% of those retiring are dependent on the pension after twenty years!  Will it be better in the next twenty years after forty years of contributions?  No!  In 2050 there will still be 80% of people who have paid the Super tax all their life and still requiring the pension for living.

Who is complaining? The finance industry who have long considered it to be their private cash box that you provide for them.  The unions whose bosses enjoy I think 50% of the fund flowing through the Super system.  Even the Government.  In the last budget they pocketed $6.5billion as a tax raid on your Super.

The solution is simple.  You manage your labour tax to see that you get a good return on it.  You put it into reducing your mortgage or your investment loans.  You control this so there are no sticky fingers raiding it.

This was Keating's original proposal when the Super Tax on Labour was first proposed.  Within hours the finance industry quickly squashed it and moved it under their control.

I believe putting your money away into your super is a waste of your money. I do not want our members having 25 years on the pension. I want them in property! Property is a long term investment which can have ups and downs. Right now there are a lot of property spruikers out there wanting your sale. They are fronts for real estate agents who have no interest in your welfare but the welfare of the vendor. These real estate agents can’t represent two parties in a transaction. They are already representing the seller. So it is buyer beware.

How do you protect yourself from these spruikers? Please contact our property mentors who are here for you and they will give you the tips and traps in property. Our role is educating you to protect yourself and to help you have a long and sustainable wealthy retirement through property.

I love property! I hate Super! For more information visit Property Club today!


Founder Kevin Young

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