Part 1 – How does that feed a cow Prime Minister?

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What looks like there is only confusion in the Beaurocracy, Labor want a talkfest and SloMo is now overseas having done nothing.  This led me to think about what can the club do free of all this red tape.  I look forward to your ideas!

Right now we have the air force and Army to use their cargo planes to the various southern airports where there is local fodder available.  I would use the local radio stations to marshall farmers who can supply the farm, products that are needed, equipment and perhaps people needed to harvest it and put it on the local trucks to get it to the airport.  

The government tax 50% of our petrol being waived or more so that they can offer free fuel for the trucks when they arrive at the airport with a load.  

Secondly, people could be encouraged to collect grass from their own lawns as could councils and government offices and bag them waiting to be collected and taken to the nearest airport for the now busy Army and Cargo planes.  

Navy and Army helicopters can be engaged to take it from local airports when their cargo planes are unloaded to the various farms they are needed.  They could drop from the air from the various cargo planes, if not, they can parachute tractors out of these things, so there must be a way to get it around the country quickly.

Next, our army has water tanks that the army uses to follow troops to keep them with water – 3 liters a day.  I used to be in the Army 50 years ago.  These could be running continuously from where there is water to where there is no water.  coordinating all of this we would need someone high up int he service who has the relevant phone numbers and contacts to get this into action right now.  What are your thoughts?  What can we get out there quickly to provide the answers?  How does that feed a Cow Prime Minister?


Kevin Young | Club Founder