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  • 02 Jun, 2020

Kevin Young Chart Pack May 2020 Analysis - June 2020

Insights Image 1 02 06 20

When would you buy? A? You can see there are big UP’S off these lows and that's exactly where we are now.   

The big question, as usual, is not all properties go up together in the one cycle across the country. Even in areas where it's coming off a base in that city, not all properties in that city will go up necessarily at the same rate. Some will stand out with huge jumps, and others might go sideways before going up a bit.  

How do you pick it? Research research research. That's why Property Club has specialised researchers to make sure that you are not one of the 90% of property buyers that get stuck with the wrong property to suit the wrong rental market in the wrong area and set up with the wrong funding.  

Not only can we point you in the right direction on all the above four matters, but we do so with detailed fact sheets, so you become a confident, informed investor.  

Insights Image 2 02 06 20

If you were to buy at an auction and had the choice between a lot of people in the room bidding and just a few people in the room bidding, which auction would you instead attend to get the lowest price?   

It's fantastic once you understand that fewer bidders are the better option - as this serves to keep the prices down.

You can see right now this is a golden opportunity despite our population in 2004 being 15,000,000 and currently ~26,000,000

Also, you can see that despite rising inflation (42.5% increase in the value of goods from 2004 to now), we are still spending the same amount of money now as we did then.

We should be building 42.5% more dwellings - $7.1B!

APRA has caused this shortage of bananas as we've been warning about since 2015!

There are too few investors in the market which means we have an excellent negotiation advantage. 

Don't our Researchers know it!

They can now find the right property in the right rental market and then go to town on the builder for a Property Club member!

No builder can resist your Club's technique and 26 years of success!

Insights Image 3 02 06 20

GDP - Dwelling investment & Non Mining investment is down.

Dwelling Investment is down 30% of our GDP

Non Mining investment  is down 10% of GDP

These are the only two negatives to our GDP

So, alarm bells are ringing due to this!

What does this mean?

  • Governments will move to increase supply

  • More bananas in the store will contain prices

Now is the time for growth!

Insights Image 4 02 06 20

This data is good.

Supply has dropped down now to be the same as the 1994 - 2007 period, despite a rising population.

Another indication of the lack of bananas.

What happens to prices then!

Insights Image 5 02 06 20

This really shows the effect of the banking monopoly and Wayne Byers aim to make our banks the strongest in the world.

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