Your House is Your Castle!

Property Club Property Market Insights

Refinance your house and access the equity, then use this equity as your

deposit/funds to complete. Don’t use your own house as ‘security’ for your


Don’t have allegiances with Banks

Banks are there to make money, not look after your best interests. Whoever

offers the best package is the best bank/funder for you. And stay away from

that nasty thing called ‘cross-collateralisation’ – they are good for your

funder, not you!


Different markets move at different times at different rates. As with

funders spread your risk.

Get Professional Help

Align yourself with those with experience and those that practice what they

preach. All our property mentors have experienced property investors with

large property portfolios. As a member of Property Club, you get your own

for free! Make sure you utilize them!

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