South East Queensland Investment Property Market Update
    • 11 April 2022

    South East Queensland Investment Property Market Update

    The South East Queensland investment property market has gone through some interesting developments in recent times. The disparity in supply and demand has only increased over the past 6 months, leading investors and property owners to look beyond the traditional desirable locations to buy in on.

    At Property Club, our nationwide pool of resources and property experts allows us to provide our members with valuable insight into their investments. With the state of the SEQ property market, there are a number of factors that prospective investors should take into consideration if they are looking to buy in this rapidly growing region. Here are some of the key tips and advice that we have to impart for our latest SEQ market update.

    A Population on the Rise The entire state of Queensland is projected to reach 6 million people as early as 2027, with the large majority of this population concentrated in the South East. Therefore, as interstate migration continues to rise year on year, the cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, and Toowoomba can expect to see their house prices increase with the population.

    In fact, interstate migration has played a significant role in the current state of the SEQ property market. The inner-city Brisbane market has long been the hottest spot for investment properties in this region. However, with house prices in this area have risen between 40% and 60% in the last two years, affordability constraints are expected to limit the future growth in these desirable markets.

    As such, more and more investors will be looking out towards the mid-rim markets. In particular, townhouses in prime locations are expected to be rather advantageous for investors and should be on the radar of anyone looking to expand their investment portfolio to SEQ.

    Other Factors in the SEQ Investment Market There are several other factors that investors should pay attention to when looking to buy an investment property in the South East Queensland market. Some of these point toward clear benefits for investors, others carry a word of caution.

    Here are some of the key perspectives that any SEQ investors should consider:

    • The Queensland property market is still playing catchup compared to New South Wales and Victoria, with properties still relatively affordable in comparison.
    • Brisbane is still seen as the most appealing market due to its stature as the largest and capital city of the state.
    • However, demand has been growing in regional centres, particularly those on the coast where people are moving for a lifestyle change.
    • Working from home allows for flexible work arrangements, meaning that living regionally is a viable option for many professionals.
    • The 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games will shine a spotlight on SEQ, creating more job opportunities and overall exposure for the region.
    • SEQ has been subject to recent floods. Historically, this has lowered property prices in the short term, but they do bounce back fairly quickly.

    Overall, while the SEQ investment market is still very tight – especially with land contracts having no finance clauses in them – there is still a lot to be excited about for investors in the region.

    Invest in the South East Queensland market with Property Club If you are an investor looking to purchase a property in the South East Queensland market, then consider becoming a member of Property Club today! Membership is free and gives you access to all of our insights and resources, as well as specialised investment mentors. Reach out to us today at

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