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Buying a Home? 

I have seen the same mistakes made over and over again in my 50+ years involved in real estate, people buying the wrong home to set themselves up for their future. That’s why we have started the Home Buyers Club.

What traps should you look out for being a new home buyer?

1. Wrong Location – the wrong location becomes unsuitable after 3 years and un-tenantable after 6 when they are forced to sell.

2. Wrong Type of Property – For a family changing dynamic as the family grows or it gets smaller and the property does not accommodate the change.

3. Paying the Wrong Amount – Another common mistake is they simply pay too much and they are unaware of surrounding prices. Remember that agents are paid to get the highest price off of you. The Club takes the stress out of the buying process so that you don’t have to worry about these traps.

Kevin Young’s Property Education Club can show you how to avoid making the usual mistakes when purchasing a property.


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Kevin Young | Club Founder