You Can Fight Back!

You Can Fight Back!

"When I see that there is fear in the market - I see opportunity". That was a statement from the world's most recognised investor, Warren Buffet.

So what is the current view of the Australian property market?

Well, the below chart identifies that there is ‘fear’ in the market, indicated by falling investment housing levels. If you drew a line from June 2015 vertically you can see this was the time that APRA rode into town firing shots at investors and demanding the banks make even higher profits. You can see this effected supply immediately.

Why does this form of supply give you an opportunity?

Since January 2015 Australia's population has risen by almost 1 million people, with over half of that coming from overseas migration. With this continued influx of migrants to Australia there is a growing demand for housing. Following the ABS statistics of 2.2 people to a home, migration alone has caused a need for approximately 230,000 new homes in Australia.

What happens when there are fewer bananas in the store and there is a rising demand for bananas? Perhaps someone should have told Wayne Byres, Chairman of APRA back in January 2015 when he started attacking investors that he, in fact, would cause a property boom! Hey, that's right someone did - the Property Club!

APRA clamped down on investors across the nation for a Sydney "problem". This has led to a drop in supply which will lead to a rise across the nation in prices even in areas which by normal property cycles should be trending down. We predicted and it has happened that the first sign would be rising rents from this fallen supply. As we stated at the time the next impact was going to fall on government coffers as local, state and federal taxes, fees and charges fell in unison with the attack on investors.

Warren Buffet freely admitted when there was fear in the market he made money. Unfortunately this rising tide will not float all boats! It is a matter of careful selection and the ability to make the correct decision when it counts. APRA's false property boom will quickly pass through and the appropriate cycle will continue. This means the right property selection is now more critical than ever.

Compounding this we have eight weeks to go until the next budget where this more Labour than Liberal government will resume its attack on investors. My spies tell me that if you have four or more properties you are fair game for the banks and the tax office. They believe with four properties you will be a wealthy, self-funded retiree independent of the pension. This is wrong and I have continually asked for their white paper or green paper substantiating this wild belief but I only get silence.

The reality is that you need eight properties to retire on the average income. Four properties mean that you'll be a drain on the taxpayer and be a pensioner for the forty years of your retirement.

What can you do with this current and impending attack on your pay packet?

Well if we all work together we can achieve a lot!

The chart below shows the great increase in bank greed after Rudd allowed a banking monopoly to take place. This abusive market power has raided your hip pocket and is reflected in falling retail sales, falling savings rates and falling residential construction jobs.

You can fight back!

Now we make it easy for you to beat the banks. Simply email with your mobile number, the gross amount of your bank debt, and two times that would suit you for a finance specialist to ring you to start reducing your bank repayments dramatically.

The solution is in your hands now. Simply email the required information and the rest is done for you. This service is free!

But wait there is more!

Once we work out how much we can save you each week on your mortgage each week, we have even better news for you on reducing your bank debt with a simple secret that the banks don't want you to know.

This is how we've created more millionaires than all our competitors combined. We believe that we have set world wealth creation records by a simple method of you diverting your tax across to your wealth creation.

I Love Property!

Kevin Young

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