Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as a Property Investor
    • 4 September 2022

    Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as a Property Investor

    Property Club is privileged to count Linda Zanette who, together with her husband Fred, are valued club members and successful property investors. As a retired nurse and expert on diabetes, Linda was kind enough to share some great insights on how Australian property investors can balance both achieving wealth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say to all Property Club members out there.

    Health is often overlooked and undervalued, until someone falls ill. Pandemics and global health crises have finally made people realise how precious health truly is. A healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness!

    All too often we don’t make time for daily exercise, a healthy diet or relaxation, which all contribute to good physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

    ####The Importance of Balancing Wealth There are four types of wealth that all Australian property investors should pay attention to:

    • Financial wealth (Money/Property)
    • Social wealth (Status)
    • Physical wealth (Health)
    • Time (Freedom)

    Without also focusing on both your Physical and Time wealth you won’t be able to enjoy the Financial Wealth and Social Wealth that you worked so hard to achieve. No amount of money or status can bring or buy back your lost health and lost time Additionally, we have all become addicted to technology both at work and at home, which has resulted in reduced physical activity and declining health.

    Wellness takes work, effort and time; healthy behaviours simply don’t happen overnight.

    ####The 7 Steps of Financial Success Property Education Club members learn about the “7 Steps to Financial Success”, the top step being “Enjoying Your Wealth”, so I have adopted a variation to the “Seven Steps” with a focus on health and happiness.

    I strongly encourage Club Members to develop a more holistic outlook on life and also incorporate the “7 Steps to Health, Happiness and Wealth” into their daily routines, so that they can enjoy their financial success in retirement.

    ####7 Steps Towards Health and Happiness with Wealth Am I Ready? Change is one of the most difficult behavioural processes. Being aware of the five stages of change; precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance will help you recognise your readiness to act on new healthier behaviours.

    Set Goals: Why? Just as the Club advocates setting goals to achieve financial success, you should do the same for your Health Goals. Setting SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound, helps to ensure that your objectives are attainable within a certain time frame.

    Eating – What? You can’t go wrong if you follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines of 5 vegetables and 2 fruits daily. A healthy plate made up of half vegetables or salad, quarter lean protein e.g., fish, meat, chicken, eggs and the last quarter high fibre carbohydrate e.g., potato, pasta or bread.

    Moving – How? We all need to sit less and move more! When we exercise the body releases chemicals that boost your sense of wellbeing and reduce the hormones that lead to stress and anxiety. Don’t forget active hobbies e.g., cycling, gardening, swimming and incidental activities i.e. taking stairs instead of escalator, mowing.

    Regular Health Checks – When? At least every 1-2 yearly routine health checks to the doctor, optometrist, and dentist.

    Stressed – Where? Some stresses are good for us, but lengthy exposure to stress may lead to mental health difficulties or increased physical health problems. Look at opportunities to reduce stress – meditation – exercise – reading and more.

    Wealth – Happy? Wealth can create opportunities, provide security, achieve milestones, enjoy a wonderful retirement, but it is important to not be defined solely through wealth and materialism.

    ####The Importance of Keeping Healthy It is important to keep in mind the things that bring you happiness that don’t come with a price tag. These include family, friends, your health, continual learning and new experiences.

    In summary, the Property Education Club’s “7 Steps to Financial Success” sets you on the journey to bring financial freedom into your life.

    Financial freedom is a hollow victory if you do not have health, happiness, and time to enjoy all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

    ####Learn More with Property Club To gain more valuable insights relating both to your lifestyle and property investment journey, become a member of Property Club today. Gain your free membership by contacting our team today on

    Disclaimer: Any information shared in this article is general in nature and your doctor should be consulted before developing your health plan.

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