What Makes A Good Investment – Doing Your homework!

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What are the 13 Critical Factors for a good investment?

Property Education Club members don’t need to spend weeks pounding the pavement or months scouring the internet to find the best investment property options.

Do you know how to decipher auction rates, rental appraisals, market demand? What about knowing how to get access to infrastructure plans, development applications and more in the areas you are looking to invest in???

Good, precise research and due diligence can take months for a young or even seasoned investor to uncover all the information that is necessary to make an informed investment purchase. Fortunately, the oldest and the best for 25 years now, Property Club members don’t need to worry about this, they have the advantage of having access to Club researchers situated right across Australia, whose full-time job is to do exactly this!

National Manager Troy Gunasekera says that there are thousands of options out there, with so many developers trying to sell their stock, but only 1% of these will ever make it to our stock list having met our 13 Critical Factors!

1. Assess the rentability of the selected property relative to available properties in the area

2. Amenities and cash flow – assess the inclusions in the property, compared with other neighbouring ones

3. Exterior Construction – ensure that cheaper, lightweight materials are minimised, if not excluded entirely from construction Don’t put your biggest ever investment at risk, contact Property Club enquiries@propertyclub.com.au for the remaining 10 invaluable points to ensure you get the right property in the right area best chosen for capital growth!