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Property Tip #22

Do be engaged with the body corporate where appropriate, to be involved and direct maintenance and improvements as required.

Nicolas and Frances Smyth

Nicolas and Frances Smyth

A huge congratulations to Nicolas and Frances who are now $50,000 closer to realising their investment dream after winning Property Club’s massive cash giveaway. These two have already enjoyed success in the Australian investment market after joining the club, and after winning this sizable cash giveaway, they can take the next steps forward in strengthening their property portfolio even further.

Property Club is dedicated to helping our members forge ahead with their investment goals in any way we can. Even before Nicolas and Frances won the $50,000 prize, they had already received valuable support and guidance from Property Club that allowed them to successfully enter the market and begin their investment journey.

Nichola and France’s Early Journey

Nicolas and Frances decided to join Property Club to leverage the club’s support and resources to help them become successful property investors. They were paired with Catherine Doherty as their dedicated property mentor, and began a series of productive strategy sessions.

These discussions soon revealed a path forward for Nicolas and Frances to acquire a new investment property. By Leveraging the equity accumulated from their own home, they could purchase a cash-flow positive investment in Perth. Thanks to Catherine’s guidance, they were able to expand their property portfolio but also gain confidence to embark on a well-researched and informed journey towards accelerating their wealth creation.

Property Club’s $50,000 Cash Giveaway

Between August 2022 and April 2023, Property Club offered a $50,000 cash giveaway to any approved club properties. The purpose of this prize was to help members of the club with a financial boost to their investment plans.

It was an exhilarating moment for Nicolas and Frances when they were informed that their names had been drawn from the pool, resulting in a $50,000 boost to their wealth. They were both overjoyed and surprised as they grasped the reality of their newfound wealth. Catherine paid a visit to celebrate with this incredible couple, and they all shared in the joy with a celebratory drink.

Nicolas and Frances were not just overwhelmed by the sheer luck; they were also thoughtful about how to make the most of it. The couple now have exciting plans to mark this achievement with a well-deserved holiday, exploring destinations they'd only dreamed of. But they were also practical, intending to reinvest their prize money into another promising investment property. They saw this windfall not merely as a chance to indulge but as an opportunity to grow and enrich their lives further. Their excitement was tempered with wisdom, a testament to their strong character and thoughtful approach to life's unexpected blessings.

Success at Property Club

Nicolas and Frances’ success story is one that includes a lucky draw, but it is mostly about hard work, dedication, and smart investment decisions that got them in such a strong position in the first place.

Thanks to the support and mentorship from Property Club, Nicolas and Frances were able to realise their investment property dreams.

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