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Do be engaged with the body corporate where appropriate, to be involved and direct maintenance and improvements as required.

Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca

Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca

Finding a way into the investment property market can often feel like an obstacle too high to overcome. That was certainly the case for Jodrell D’Souza and Janice Mendonca, whose previous experience trying to become property investors was met with nothing but frustration and dead ends.

That all changed when they became members of Property Club. This is Jodrell and Janice’s success story, and we hope it resonates with any budding investors out there who feel like they have come to the end of the line.

Getting into the Property Market

Property investment is such a volatile topic in the market. It feels like everyone has their hands in it, but no one really wants to talk about how they achieved their successes. At least that was how it felt for Jodrell and Janice.

Everything changed the day they met Roger and Liane Galway. Not only did the Galway’s introduce them to Property Club, but they walked them through the entire process of investing in property – from sourcing the right property to helping them contact a reliable financial advisor. Jodrell and Janice now had systems in place to encourage good spending and saving habits, enabling them to reach a position of financial strength.

Taking the Next Steps

Eventually, Roger and Liane made a trip to Perth on behalf of Jodrell and Janice to scope out a property. They even video called Jodrell and Janice so they could get a good look at the property before they decided to invest in it.

Once they had decided to invest, Jodrell and Janice found that Property Club made it very easy for them to go through the buying process. The information and paperwork regarding the property was transparent and easy for them to understand, and Roger and Liane took the time to sit down with Jodrell and Janice to offer some useful advice and break down the numbers.

Jodrell and Janice's past experiences with an investment property where they were leasing out an inherited house had soured their views, due largely to terrible encounters with inept agents who neglected their responsibilities. They suffered significant financial losses which almost completely deterred them from considering the acquisition of another investment property. Thankfully, the new agent they were introduced to by Roger was a great fit that reinvigorated their passion for investing.

Always Learning More

An invitation was extended to Jodrell and Janice by Roger to attend a seminar that they found highly enlightening. This seminar provided Jodrell and Janice an abundance of understanding on how to handle tax time, offering ideas about negative gearing, enhancing cash flow, and giving insight into potential locations for future property purchases and potential growth markets, among other things.

Unexpectedly, Property Club had arranged a depreciation report through DEPPRO, a factor they were previously unaware of, which would prove beneficial during tax periods. With the Property Club's assistance, navigating through their investment property journey became significantly easier.

As they progressed through the entire process of acquiring property, they were repeatedly expressing to Roger and Liane their astonishment, often exclaiming, "in our previous experience, we had no such thing or support. "Their recent experience with Property Club, however, has breathed new life into Jodrell and Janice's enthusiasm for investing in property. They are profoundly grateful and appreciative of their new family at Property Club.

Become a Property Club Member

Jodrell and Janice appreciate the sense of inclusion they feel as part of Property Club. Communication and transparency are key and they found these qualities in abundance. If you would like to become a member of Property Club, then contact us today at

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