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Many Happy Tax Returns

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How do you make more property millionaires than all the rest combined?

This is a common question that I receive from our workshops and the answers are simple: we make it easy for people to take action in their investment journey because we share our own experiences and the experiences of past purchasers, in fact, we promote it!

We believe that making our passed buyers accessible to future buyers is a vital step to ensure that our credibility speaks for itself. We know many people are seduced by ‘free’ seminars which often lead to expensive advice or guides, but our service was free 24 years ago and its still free today!

Free Now Free Forever!

So how are we different from a normal real estate agency? Well, not only do we help our members through their entire investment journey, we teach you how to harness your tax expenses and return it legally to your pocket.

There are a lot of properties in Australia which are poor investments, so we assign each of our members an experienced property mentor to assist you personally on your wealth creation journey. Your mentor will make looking for the perfect investment property easy; simply complete a needs analysis form and your mentor will introduce you to a property which fits your financial and portfolio needs.

The secret to successful property investing is finding the right property in the right location for growth and rental returns. Your mentor will also show you how to hold on to your properties for minimal expenses each week to avoid any financial stress. We want to ensure you are in a good position to keep adding to your portfolio and growing your wealth.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can assist you on your journey, please contact us today at and ask about attending a workshop in your local area.

Kevin Young