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One of Australia’s most successful property investors today warned that a Grenfell Tower tragedy was waiting to happen in Australia.

Kevin Young, President of Property Club, said that the type of lightweight dangerous cladding used at Grenfell Tower in London that resulted in 72 fire deaths in 2017 was now prevalent in many high rise apartment buildings in Australia.

“There are currently thousands of Australians living in high rise death traps made of highly dangerous and flammable materials.

“Since Property Club started 26 years ago we banned buying apartments in buildings made of lightweight materials such as this type of cladding.

“These lightweight constructed buildings are highly dangerous especially since local Councils handed over the safety certification of these building materials to private contractors.

“The Australian construction market is being flooded by cheap and largely untested construction materials that are being used by developers to build lightweight apartment towers to cut costs.

“Builders are also using these dangerous materials in other forms of residential construction such as houses, small blocks of units and townhouses.

“Residents in all these buildings made of lightweight inflammable materials are not only vulnerable to fire but also smouldering combustion and deadly silent styrene gas for example that at best affect the nervous system and at worse kill if not detected quickly. 

“Property Club has a policy of only recommending apartment developments constructed of brick and concrete.

“We urge the Government to implement more stringent testing and monitoring of these light weigh constructed homes to help avoid a Grenfell Tower tragedy in Australia,” he said.

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Kevin Young  | Club Founder & President