There Are Four Key Reasons To Buy Property In 2019!

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1. Interest Rates are more likely to go down than up

The cash rate has now been on hold for some time and with our economy, in a sound financial position some experts are predicting that interest rates are unlikely to increase, rather they may decrease in 2019/2020.

2. There will be less competition in the marketplace as a buyer – resulting in bargains!

With the tightening of credit and lending conditions, there is less competition for highly researched, quality properties.  Our Researchers are identifying them and doing the hard work to negotiate price reductions and inclusions for Property Club members.

3. Natural Population Growth and Migration will drive further property demand.

Australia’s population is one of the fastest growing in the OECD and with population comes demand for housing in and around employment centres.  When levels of demand for property outweigh levels of supply, we see growth in property values.

4. The Federal Election will present a great opportunity to buy

Historically, in the lead up to elections, many people tend to sit on their hands. This creates opportunities for astute investors, again, with less competition in the marketplace. In addition to this, it is predicted that new Investment Property prices will increase after the election if Labor wins with its current policy platform.

Did you know, the average salary earner in Australia earning $80,000 per year pays about $20,000 in tax* which means they work about 3 months of the year (60 days) or 480 hours just to pay tax. Over the average career, that is over 3,000 days…Amazing! Instead of that, we can show you how to divert some of that tax back toward building your own wealth.

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