Don’t Pay $170,000 To Pick The Brains Of The World’s Top Seventeen Wealth Creators

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Imagine all of your Property Investing questions answered in one weekend! Come along to our annual Wealth and Property Expo at Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre on 3rd – 5th March, 2017.

“Don’t pay $170,000 to pick the brains of the world’s top seventeen wealth creators.  $324 gets you two days to pick their brains and enjoy having your questions answered.  This is a once off opportunity.  Seats are limited and selling fast so don’t make the mistakes that 95% of Australians make and end up on the pension like them.

Don’t buy the wrong portfolio of properties.

Don’t end up on a part pension and make the mistakes that 95% of home buyers make.

Don’t make the $500,000 mistake that every home buyer makes.

Don’t be trapped by upcoming technology and regulation changes.

Don’t be caught in the many property bubbles.

Don’t fall for the banks interest rate traps.

Learn the traps for “grey hairs”.

Learn the number one mistake made in wills.

Each property millionaire will give you their top three tips they used and the top three traps they see in the future to avoid to safeguard their wealth.

Seats are limited, register NOW!