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The chief executive of Australia’s largest bank has warned that sovereign risk is rising “exponentially” because of unpredictable government policy, as he lashed the South Australian government’s bank levy as an “unprincipled and reckless tax grab.

We think the reverse Mr Banker, we think there is a Sovereign risk soaring from “unprincipled and reckless profit grab!”

Bloated Banks

You would have given your children intelligent advice to fund their investments with interest only loans.

What now that your bank has increased your children’s repayments without notice and by a massive 45%?

Are you advising them to sell down their assets and line up for the pension? Your children will be retired for thirty years. Don’t you want them to self-fund these thirty years? Do you really want them to be on the pension for thirty years?

Bloated Banks

Do you believe APRA have chosen the wrong time to make our bloated banks “unquestionably strong”?

You have just raised a thirty year fixed loan at the lowest rates in history. Why are you charging the highest rates in history? Clients rates have been hiked to the highest versus inflation or the RBA rate. Do you agree the next move by the RBA will be down to try and kickstart spending in the economy to create jobs? Will you continue to pocket this money instead?

Can you confirm that all these profits go to just eight hundred thousand share holders and that four hundred thousand of these live overseas? This means that 98% of Australians are not shareholders!

Now it’s time to help yourself.

Do you think the Property Club is helping minimise “sovereign risk” by taking our thousands of members away from the big four with their “unprincipled and reckless profit grab”?

If you haven’t taken action already to protect yourself then contact your Mentor today or resign yourself to a lifetime on the pension.

We’re aiming to find you interest only loans at a whopping 2% saving by avoiding the big four and their numerous satellite banks that they own but don’t disclose.
This is a time to accumulate not dissipate wealth.

Happy Investing,

Kevin Young
Property Club Founder