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What Does The Australian Institute Of Superannuation Trustees (Aist) Have To Say About Property Investment?

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The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees is a national not-for-profit organisation whose membership consists of the trustee directors and staff of the profit-to-member superannuation funds – industry, corporate and government.

They just published an intriguing research report where they found:
The primary factor for investing in property is retirement planning, and a belief that superannuation or the pension is not going to provide for a comfortable retirement.

Many see property as a better investment than superannuation – including those who don’t invest in it

A majority of investors with children consider their children’s housing needs when purchasing a property

79% of survey respondents said they were concerned that rising house prices were locking young people out of the market

Two-thirds of investors own a single investment property, though, many are interested in purchasing more The survey revealed that, roughly one-third (34%) owned two or more properties.

However, the interviews reflected a strong desire from those who already own an investment property to purchase more, either when their finances allow them to, or the housing market makes it feasible to do so.

Obviously factual and correct being representative of the general populations view.

So . . . the question is, what are you doing about your retirement?

Since 1994, Property Club has been assisting members to acquire a residential property portfolio that will give them a safe, secure and financially independent retirement!

Where would you invest if you had the choice?

Well, there is a little old town North of Sydney and Melbourne that has
more than $10 billion worth of projects scheduled for completion by 2022 – yes, Brisbane!
Have a read through these upcoming projects:

Brisbane Metro

The Brisbane Metro has been listed as one of just six projects listed as a “high priority” in Infrastructure Australia’s latest priority list, boosting its chances of receiving significant federal funding.

They were among $1.7 billion worth of Queensland projects slated as national priorities in the latest Infrastructure Priority List, released on Tuesday.

It came after Infrastructure Australia approved the business cases for the $940 million Brisbane Metro and the $750 million Sunshine Coast rail duplication.

New Brisbane airport runway creates jobs and boosts economy

Air traffic and aircraft flow improvements have since made it the most efficient among Australia’s major hubs and the new runway will give Brisbane the greatest capacity in the country.

Business modelling prepared for the privately-funded project, costing $1.3 billion in total, identified that spending by the 20-million-plus additional passengers the airport will be able to handle after the expansion, will create a direct regional economic benefit of $5 billion a year by 2034.

Qantas recently announced that it will base half of its new long-distance Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner fleet in Brisbane from mid-2018, opening the way for a range of new routes to major US cities. A deal between the airline and the Queensland Government will create 470 jobs.

While Sydney and Melbourne near their capacities, Brisbane’s new $1.3 billion parallel runway – opening in 2020 – will more than double the number of flights the airport is able to handle.

By 2037, at least 1000 planes will arrive or depart every day, one landing or taking off every 40 seconds at the busiest times.

The airport’s international passenger numbers, which have doubled in the past 15 years to just under six million, are projected to hit at least 13 million within the next 20 years. Domestic travellers are forecast to rise from 17 million to 37 million.

Queen’s Wharf precinct

The public will be able to enjoy their first taste of the $3 billion Queen’s Wharf development in less than two years.

The Destination Brisbane Consortium have revealed Multiplex has won the tender to create a new riverfront park and walkway due to open by late-2019 – three years before the integrated casino-resort is completed.

So, Queensland definitely looks the place to be!

Have a great weekend and catch you next week.

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