3 Reasons to Become a Property Club Member

3 Reasons to Become a Property Club Member

One of the things that new members of Property Club find unusual about the service we provide is that we help them, and we point out the pros and cons of any property and the decision they are contemplating. Much more than just a ‘club’ of property investors or a community of like-minded peers, we provide resources and support services that enable you to make better, more informed decisions for your investment portfolio.

We are Investors too, and we know the challenges that face property investors – and frankly, there is a lot to learn if you want to do it right. We also turn some Investors away – encouraging them to save more for a deposit or build their income further before taking on their first (or their next) property. We are not salespeople. We have done it all before ourselves and have learnt from the process. Property Club is our opportunity to share our experiences and our learnings with you.

It’s fantastic that most of our property purchases currently come from Property Club members buying more properties for their existing portfolio or from happy purchasers referring their friends and family. We don’t need to advertise our brand on TV or radio, because these personal referrals are the best form of recommendation. So, if you’ve been referred to Property Club by a friend or family member and are wondering whether or not you should sign up – we’ve listed three key benefits that all of our members receive when they join Property Club.

Become financially independent sooner: Investing in property is one of the best ways to secure your financial future – but making the right investment decisions can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start. We have seen time and time again that many first-time investors only ever buy one investment property, because they don’t have access to reliable support. They struggle through the barrage of unforeseen obstacles from tax and finance to insurance and leasing. The process of investing in property becomes so exhausting – both on their financial and time resources – that they ultimately decide it isn’t worth the effort to continue building their property portfolio. That is ultimately why Property Club exists; to help guide these first-time property investors, ensuring that their journey to financial independence goes as smoothly as possible. By tapping into our proven success strategies, our members enjoy a better experience and are significantly more likely to continue building their property portfolio beyond a single investment.

In fact, we have helped so many members build their portfolios beyond a single investment that we have had over 5,000 applications to join our Property millionaires Club.

Guidance from mentors with first-hand experience: Our mentors are all seasoned investors themselves. They understand the questions, feelings, and confusion that first-time investors experience – because they were in that situation once themselves. They give their time and experience freely, wanting to help create an easier pathway into property investment than they themselves experienced.

Investing in property is more than just buying a property and finding a tenant. There are market and economic factors, tax and finance structures, legal and insurance considerations that all need to be taken into account. And that’s all before you’ve even started thinking about the type or location of the property! Property Club not only gives you access to resources and information to help you navigate all of these, but also partners you with a mentor to help guide you and answer any additional questions you have.

Access to Property Investment Events, Research and Education: In addition to being paired with an experienced Property Mentor, each of our members will gain access to a wide range of property investment education, events, and research. This includes things like current market and economic information, property market forecasts, detailed property cash-flow analysis, insurance recommendations, and personal wealth creation plans.

These resources can prove invaluable when making decisions for your property portfolio. They ensure that you are making informed, educated decisions that will positively contribute to your overall wealth.

We also organise and host a number of investor networking and educational events for our members. These events are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar goals to your own. You can share ideas and experiences, building a support community who will become your biggest cheerleaders.

Become a Property Club Member Today! Joining Property Club is completely free of charge and gives you instant access to our educational resources, support services and an experienced property investor to help guide you on your journey. Email enquiries@propertyclub.com.au today.

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