Building Wealth Through Property Investment

Welcome to Property Club

Property Club is a leading property investment company that assists investors through every stage of the investment process. With an extensive network throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have researched, sourced and sold nearly 18,000 properties in Australia to more than 14,000 investors since we were established in 1994.

Over 4,400 Property Club investors today hold property portfolios worth more than $1m in value!

For over twenty years, thousands of Australians have turned to Property Club for property investment advice.  That’s why we’ve become Australia’s number one wealth creator – helping everyday people build wealth through property. It’s a Club run by investors for investors. Club services are free for members.

Invest Safely with Property Club Knowledge and Support

Members of Property Club enjoy the security of being surrounded by a network of experienced property investors. Through accumulated knowledge of over twenty years, and a lifetime of experience by founders Kevin & Kathy Young, you’ll benefit from our “Circle of Safety”.

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Take Control of your Finances and your Future

Understand the power and the pitfalls of finance and how to use it to create wealth. While investment property is our vehicle of choice, Property Club’s aim is to help ordinary people achieve financial freedom. Property Club members learn how to harness finance to their advantage.

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Protecting Against Spruikers

As I predicted in 2011, property is booming and at the high interest rates I predicted and in the cities that I predicted.  Also as I predicted (disappointingly) spruikers are coming out of the woodwork, endorsing and promoting property.

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Success Stories

As one of Australia’s most successful property investors, Kevin Young, has led the way to thousands of Property Club members creating wealth beyond their expectations. Kevin & his wife Kathy are consistently ranked in Queensland’s Top 100 Rich List.

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