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Wealth and Property Expo
2-5 March, 2017

Property Club - Wealth and Property Expo 2017
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    Education and Events
    Knowledge is the key to wise property investment. Property Club runs educational events all year round to help Club members improve their property investing and wealth building skills.
    Free events make learning fun and accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to invest in property safely, pay less tax and achieve a financially secure future.
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    Property Finance
    There are two main components to managing the finances on your investment property portfolio – borrowing and managing cash flows. How well you manage each of these will impact your success in building wealth through property investment.

    Property Club provides members with free education, analysis tools and access to reputable finance brokers.

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    Member Support
    As investors ourselves, we know there are sharks out there waiting to prey on uneducated investors. Don’t be lead into unsuitable investments. Property Club offers a full range of support services to help you avoid the traps.

    As a Club member you have the ongoing support of an experienced Property Mentor to guide you through each step and find the right information when you need it.
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    Property Research
    How do you choose between the thousands of properties available for sale at any one time? It can be confusing to anyone entering the property investment market – a market that is fraught with danger for the unwary.

    Property Club has a team of experienced researchers who analyse the markets and source the best investment property options for Club members.
Latest News


Our thanks go to the many Club members who have alerted me to an attack
in the media on our Club apportioning blame on us for a builder being
unable to complete a project.

The news article that was published around Australia linking the Property
Club to the failure of this project was unwarranted and is now the subject
of a formal complaint to the Australian Press Council.

Property Club has been established some 22 years and has some
marvellous success stories where individuals have found independent
wealth and happiness.

The article was written about a project several years ago and we are
currently calling on our archives to retrieve files so that we can make a full
story that is accurate to rebut the article written by the media.

Property Club has created more millionaires than all the rest combined – it
is sad that this also unfortunately appears to create a lot of jealousy within
the property industry.


for your ongoing support

Kevin & Kathy Young
Founders & Directors

A Club That Cares
More Than $2.1m Donated to Charity

Our Club has a big heart – that’s why Founders Kathy and Kevin Young started our own charity arm, Club Cares in 2007.

Club members are always happy to “give back” by donating to those in need. 100% of Club Cares overheads are funded by its Founders.

Already we’ve donated more the $2.1m to worthy causes.

Club Cares - A Property Club Charity

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Office of Fair Trading Completes Enquiry

The Office of Fair Trading recently made sweeping investigations of the investment residential industry, which included many companies as well as Property Club.

In June 2015 the Office of Fair Trading Queensland ceased current investigations that were premised on the idea that Kevin Young’s Property Club had not created more millionaires than other industry competitors.

The Office of Fair Trading was satisfied that there was no reason to continue the investigations that had been highly publicised by the media and others.

The Office of Fair Trading stated in their letter to Property Club:

“It has concluded that the investigation will be closed and no further action will be taken against your clients (Property Club) at the present time”

Property Club was established on the 12 November 1994 and has since then helped many people become millionaires through property, and will continue to do so for many years to come.


The Property Education Club group of companies include trading businesses that derive income including from referral fees paid by vendors of properties being sold to investors.

Past performance of investments is not necessarily an indicator of future results. We recommend that investors obtain their own independent legal and valuation advice.

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