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[Updated] – How Much Will You Need In Superannuation For 30 years in retirement?

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Sobering news through from updated Vanguard modeling based on the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) comfortable retirement standard.

This updated research shows that the average couple planning to rely on their superannuation for their entire retirement, or 30 years, will need $812,000!

The discussion at the moment is around annual fees, which currently average around 0.50% for asset management and possible advice services.

If / when that shifts to 1 per cent, retirees need $894,000 for a 95 per cent chance that they won’t run out of super within 30 years. Bump that up to 1.5 per cent and a retired couple will need an eye-watering $980,000! 😟

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A lot better retirement ahead and more options than they would have had if they would have stuck with Superannuation!

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