Three Success Stories to Start the Week

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Case 1

Member Amanda is currently refinancing 5 of her properties to revert to interest only and to obtain a better rate. Yes we can help members with multiple properties.

Loan will be for $1,480,000 in total

We will save Amanda $20,500 per year in interest.

We will also improve her cash flow by $49,000 per year as she will be reverting to interest only for the next 5 years on this loan amount of $1,480,000

Case 2

Tracy is currently refinancing her luxury unit in Darlinghurst .

Loan will be for $820k

We have been able to obtain an equity take out of $308k

Member is set up nicely for next purchase

She will also save approximately $9,000 a year in interest

Case 3

Katie is the daughter of current member who wants to get her finances in order so that she can purchase her first property with her partner in the next few years.

They have accumulated a lot of consumer debt which needs to be repaid in the first instance.

Their own bank declined their application to consolidate their debts.

Within 1 week we obtained and settled a consolidation personal loan of $40k for the client .

They will definitely be back to us for their home finance

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